United Kingdom and Tennessee Enjoy United States Road Trip!

Ben Hunt from Chattanooga, Tennessee and Alex Hogg from the United Kingdon planned a January 2016 road trip meeting in the United States that included San Anselmo’s Imagination Park.

What a great pleasure it was to finally visit Imagination Park! Alex and I had, of course, viewed pictures of the Yoda and Indiana Jones statues online. However, nothing compares to seeing the level of detail and stature that these two figures express up close.

This park is a real treasure within the San Anselmo community. I would advise anyone passing through the area to stop by for a visit. The quiet scenery and welcoming benches offer a peaceful departure from the busyness of life. 

As lifelong fans of Indiana Jones and Star Wars, this was a must-see for both of us on our 5000+ mile road trip across America. We are back home now, thousands of miles away from San Anselmo – but with fond memories of Imagination Park. 

The mind of George Lucas is a gift that keeps on giving to us all. Thank you again! Ben Hunt

London visitor to Imagination Park Hunt, Benjamin Joseph


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